Angelery / Water Wizard

What's the magic behind the WaterWizard's history of reliability, low maintenance and energy efficiency?

The answer is the superior technology of a 30+ year proven design. Its free-floating helical coils naturally wind and unwind with temperature changes – virtually eliminating thermal stress. This inhibits scale formation and helps to break down buildup during normal operations.

Whether the application is commercial or industrial, this steam-to-water heater delivers:

  • 90%-99% thermal efficiency; More useable heat for every pound of steam;
  • Precise ±4°F temperature control;
  • Low-temperature condensate (<160°F) saves energy;
  • Shock-free heat exchanger;
  • No traps, storage tanks, blending valves or temperature mixing equipment;
  • Compatible with low or high steam pressures;
  • Small foot simplifies installation;
  • 2004 Buildings magazine "Top Product Pick".