Minimatic Control Valves

A range of compact, lightweight, low cost control valves for use on liquid steam or gas applications. Available in 2 way and 3 way body configurations for on/off and modulating control with either pneumatic or electric actuators.

Valve Trims

Standard on/off control valves incorporate built up stainless steel plug and spindle assemblies with ptfe soft inserts with the seat profile machined directly into the body castings. Modulating valves have solid stainless steel equal percentage or linear characteristic control plug and spindle assemblies with stainless steel screw in body seats. Leakage standards, Class IV for modulating.

These valves are only part of Northvale's extensive control valve programme and will be of particular interest to end users and contractors whose process control requirements do not necessitate the use of our more sophisticated PARAGON® 600 series of valves.


Body Styles

MINIMATIC valves are available with cast bronze bodies with end connections 1/2" to 2" BSPT or with flanges 15mm to 40mm PN16 for pressures up to 16 bar and 180°C. For aggressive chemical applications investment cast 316 stainless steel bodies 1/2", 3/4", 1" are available for services up to 25 bar and 180°C.

Gland Sealing

All MINIMATIC control valves incorporate our new "Low Fugitive Emission" maintenance free gland seals incorporating a modified spring loaded ptfe chevron ring set and new temperature compensated, split guide bushes widely spaced at the base of the gland and with the upper bush retained in the gland nut. These self-adjusting maintenance free glands result in improved sealing and extended periods between major overhauls.

New Minimatic Valve with Positioner

Northvale Korting has enhanced its mini control valve range with the addition of a new I to P positioner to the valve.

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