Venturi / Fluid Jet Application – Enquiry

Please complete the form below to give us more information about your requirements.
  • Suction / LP Steam

  • Motive

  • Discharge


  • If the motive pressure or flow rate are unknown we will recommend the minimum values required to achieve the duty.
  • Please include as much information about the motive and suction media as possible.
  • Suction pressure is normally a negative value but can also be positive – please be sure to indicate.
  • You only need to specify the discharge flow rate if it is a critical parameter such as in an eductor dilution duty or for a thermocompressor.
  • For Tank Mixing Eductors specify the motive conditions plus the tank size/shape/liquid volume.
  • Please remember to include units of measure for all necessary parameters. We will work with any units of measure that you choose to use.