Product Range

Control Valves

Northvale Korting's new control valve with the unique PARAGON high turndown ratio trim.


This is a range of compact, lightweight, low cost control valves for liquid/steam/gas.


The Norval (Non Return Valve) is the solution to pipeline systems' check valve requirements.

Venturi / Fluid Jet

KORTING Fluid Jet Equipment operates on the Ejector or Jet Pump principle (with no moving parts) to pump, mix, heat, cool or produce a vacuum.

Steam Ancillary Equipment

Smart Valves & Controls sells a range of high quality steam equipment which offers a genuine saving to the steam user.

Emission Free Bellows Seal Valves

Bellows Seal Control valves prevent fugitive emissions - no leakage from the stem sealing area.

Angelery / Water Wizard

The most efficient, low maintenance water heater ever created.

Aerco Temperature Control Valve

Self regulating, close control temperature control valves which can be used with the Angelery Aerco heater.


SmartPlate water heaters are engineered to complement today's condensing boilers in low temperature applications, promoting system-wide energy efficiency.

Tilting Disk Check

The Northvale Tilting Disc Check is the best non-return valve in its class.

Angle Valves

An on/off control valve with a standard angled fitting.

Valve Ancillary Equipment

Air filters, regulators, positions, boosters.