Full Product Range


Unique PARAGON high turndown ratio trim

Steam ancillary

Offers a genuine saving to the steam user


Engineered to complement today’s condensing boilers.


Compact, lightweight, low cost for liquid/steam/gas.

emission free

Valves to prevent fugitive emissions

tilting disc check

The best non-return tilting disc valve in its class.

Norval Valve by Northvale KortingNorval

Pipeline systems’ check valve requirements.

water wizard

The most efficient, low maintenance water heater.

angle valves

An on/off valve with a standard angled fitting.

venturi/fluid jet

Operates on the Ejector or Jet Pump principle.

aerco contROL

Self regulating valves used with Angelery Aerco heater.

valve ancillary

Air filters, regulators, positions, boosters.