ALS-30 Visual Position Indicator


1. Visual Position Indicator

2. “Quick-Set” Cam
Limit Switch adjustment cams are splined and spring loaded, the Switch cam position can be quickly adjust without tools (closed-up, open-down).

3. Multipoint Terminal Strip 
Terminal strip number with 8 contacts is standard for micro switches. there are connected solenoid valve service.

4. Dual Wire Potting 
Dual 3/4″ conduit entries.

5. Captive Cover Bolts 
These are designed to be captive by the cover, when it is removed.

6. Easy Mounting Bracket
Any actuator for rotary motion can be easily mounted in ISO5211.


Item Type Mechanical switch Proximity Switch
Voltage Max.16A 125,250VAC 0.6A 125VDC, 0.3VAC 1/2HP 125,250VAC 12~24VDC
Current consumption Max 20mA
Residual voltage Max. 1.5V
Control ouput 200mA
Explosion proof Ex d IIB T6 Ex d IIB T6
Protection IP67
Ambient Temp 20~70 (Standard)
Material Aluminum Diecasting
Weight 2.3Kg(5.1Ib)


Bracket Bracket No Material Application
ALS-30 Brackets S-1


30*80, H:20~40
S-2 Steel 30*80, H:20
S-3 Steel 30*130, H:30
S-4 Steel 30*80, H:30
S-5 Steel 30*130, H:50


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