YT-1300R Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Electronic Position Transmitter PTM-6V senses mechanical position change of stem being on the valve or similar device and converses to current signal of DC 4~20mA outputs. It is flameproof type.


  • Wiring is convenient due to 2 wire type.
  • It has high resolution and reliability.
  • The controlling range of Zero and Span is large, so adjustment is convenient.
  • It is possible to change RA/DA with changing position of dip-switch without replacement of any parts.


Item.Type PTM-6VL PTM-6VR Item.Type PTM-6VL, PTM-6VR
Input Type 2 Wire Protection IP67
Input Signal 0~30° 0~90° Ambient Temp -20°C~70°C(-4~158°F)
Output Signal 4~20mA DC Linearity ±1% F.S.
Impedance 0~600 Ohm Hysteresis ±0.2% F.S.
Supply Voltage 15~30V DC Sensitivity ±0.2% F.S.
Noise Range 50mV p.p Material Aluminum Casting
Conduit PF1/2(G1/2) Weight 1.2kg(2.7lb)
Explosion Proof Ex d IIC T6


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