Smart Plate Heaters

The SmartPlate water heater range was specifically engineered to complement today’s condensing boilers in low temperature applications to promote system-wide energy efficiency. And unlike competitive products, SmartPlate heaters incorporate special features and ancillary components that set a new standard for fully-packaged, turn-key solutions.

Easily installed in any combination space/DHW heating system, you can count on SmartPlate heaters to maintain accurate temperature control under diversified loads without the need for storage tanks.

  • Accurate temperature control
  • Maximizes energy efficiency
  • Advanced electronic controls
  • Integrated safety shut-off system
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Long lasting durability
  • Fully packaged solution
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Compact <10 sq ft footprint
  • Supports 2-way and 3-way applications
  • Single- and double-wall configurations
System Efficiency

Widely recognized as the most thermally efficient water-to-water heat exchangers available for potable water heating, SmartPlate heaters incorporate a stainless steel, brazed plate (single-wall) or plate and frame (double-wall) style heat exchanger applied in a counter flow design. As a result, SmartPlate water heaters can utilize boiler water as little as 5°F above the desired DHW temperature. They are ideal for use in low temperature systems!

  • Eliminate waste associated with overheating DHW and then “mixing down” to safe temperatures
  • Low supply water temperatures maximize boiler plant efficiency
  • Pair with condensing boilers to further increase fuel savings
  • Minimize radiant losses throughout the system
  • A lower system set point produces far less scale for increased thermal efficiency, reduced maintenance and a longer heater life
  • Minimize over temperature conditions and potential for scalding

Precise Temperature Controls

Sensors located at the potable water inlet and outlet provide feed forward and feedback temperature signals to SmartPlate’s PID controller and fast acting electronic control valve to deliver accurate temperature control under diversified loads without storage tanks or blending valves.

AERCO’s state-of-the-art electronic controller can be remotely monitored and/or fully integrated with BAS software via Modbus communications protocol to control and/or poll important operating parameters of the heater including operating set point, outlet temperature, peak temperature, average temperature, low temperature and more! Operating parameters for the heater are entered directly to the digital controller – just “set and go.

Importantly, SmartPlate heaters incorporate a safety shut-off system that operates independently of the unit controller in the event of an overtemperature condition or power loss at the facility.

  • ±2°F under steady state conditions
  • ±4°F under normal load changes
  • ±10°F from NO load to FULL load
  • Return to set point within 30 seconds
  • Full open to full close in 2 second

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